Which Elder Scrolls Online Guide is Right for You?

Elder Scrolls Online might not be a sandbox game, but it’s a far shot away from holding your hand either. Yes, you have a lot of freedom in exploring – but that also comes with the freedom to screw up. Luckily, screwing up usually means losing a lot of time, so it doesn’t permanently set you back. However, not wasting your time tends to be high up on my own priority list. Thus I set out to see if there are any decent guides out there for ESO that help me avoid exactly that. A few downloads later, I’m happy to present my verdict. Read on to find out what I discovered.

1st Place: Killer Guides

elder-scrolls-online-guide-enThe first guide we’ll be looking at, and my favorite, is The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide from KillerGuides, one of the best online guides of its type I’ve ever seen. This guide includes all the really important things you need to know from the beginning in order to play the game well- well enough to become emperor, in fact, if your aspirations reach that high. Certainly it’s just what you need to push ahead of everything else and keep yourself there. If you’re a beginner, by the time it’s through with you you’ll be an expert. Plus, you get free updates. What’s not to love?


  • Best guide leveling guide from 1 to 50 from all tested guides
  • Expanded quest guide for farming and leveling
  • PvP and PvE builds that actually work
  • All about skills and abilities
  • Crafting instructions that show you step by step how to level up
  • A gold-gathering guide that works well together with the included leveling and endgame guides
  • PvP hints and tips that don’t replace hours of practice, but that will definitely shorten them
  • Free Updates

Get the Killer Guides Elder Scrolls Online Guide here.

2nd Place: The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

In second place is The Elder Scrolls Online Guide found on the originally named website theelderscrollsonlineguide.com. bundle-medAnother good choice, this guide wins the coveted second place spot in spite of its promotional use of the words ‘bling’ and ‘noobie’ due to some outstanding advice (and, though you probably won’t need it, its money-back guarantee). This one also offers free updates as the gaming environment changes and new information is added.  As an added plus, the website looks simple and professional, providing easy navigation. This elder scrolls online guide appears to be more opinionated than the other guides, meaning that this is what worked for the guide’s single author and may or may not work as well for you.


  • Leveling guide: 1 to 50 (roughly comparable to Killer Guides, but a bit more subjective)
  • Character build information and guide
  • Skyshard locations
  • Learn to make a character that fits your playstyle
  • Gold Making Strategies
  • Sixty day money back guarantee
  • Free updates

Get The Elder Scrolls Online Guide here.

3rd Place: ESO Mastery Guides

eso-mastery-guides-220x220The last guide that we look at will be is actually a collection of guides: The Elder Scrolls Online Masteryguides, found at esomasteryguides.com. Each guide seems to be downloadable once you register with the site and they’re broken up into separate categories: leveling guide, gold guide, etc. You’re paying for here is actually one guide out of a collection of guides – if you want access to all factions, you’ll need to buy multiple guides. At the price of USD 37 / each, that can add up quickly.


  • Level 1 to 50 (not quite as polished as the other guides)
  • Walkthroughs for major quests
  • Access to different guides covering specific areas, such as quests, gold gathering, crafting and leveling.
  • Regular updates

You can get the ESO Mastery Guide here.

What does this all mean for you?

What’s it all come down to? In spite of what each guide claims to do best, all will give you the information you need to know to take your character to the level cap in about a week, provided you have the time to devote to the endeavor. All are online and therefore digital only, so if you want something for your shelf you’ll need a printer. All offer updates as new content becomes available. Whether that’s a pro or a con I’ll leave to you to decide. At the end of the day, though, KillerGuides wins out due to the sheer volume of condensed information and the fact that it’s just as friendly to beginner, casual gamers as it is indispensible to hardcore MMORPG veterans.

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