If you are looking for the best way to reach the level cap with the Nightblade in ESO, look no more and get this Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade Guide by Killer Guides. It’s by far the most detailed guide I have read so far when it comes to how to level up your character.

The Nightblade class is currently one of four different classes in the Elder Scrolls Online you can choose. By choosing this class you have the choice of all three factions. This eso class is made to be a stealth character with many skill choices available to the gamer. The path you choose will be important to your particular play-style. Each path will have ten skills. Stamina is an essential stat for your Nightblade. It is crucial for your stealth ability. This will feed into the success of all of your other skills.

In the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the Nightblade will be a stealthy death dealing machine. This, though, can only happen if the Nightblade is properly equipped; medium armor and short blades are just the tip of the iceberg. Before you can go on a killing spree, there are several key equipment-related decisions that must be made. In order to determine what items your Nightblade needs, you will first have to figure out exactly what skill path that you intend to follow; to do that, you must decide whether your Nightblade will be a master assassin of the shadows or a lightning-quick paragon of destructive force.

The ESO Nightblade armor should be as light as possible. This will help your character stay in stealth mode for longer periods and help you with the direct damage to the opponent or mob. The Nightblade’s buffs will also help you create a strong melee character. Each character also has a few passive buffs, these attributes will automatically be applied. You can choose from several different skill pathways. Depending upon your play-style. There is the Assassin pathway, the Shadow pathway and the Siphoning pathway. Each skill set will enable you to successfully play your chosen style. Doing a little research can help you maximize your unique and individual play choice.

nightblade in the eso

Master Shadow Assassin

If you have decided that it would be best to stick to the shadows and explore the wonders of sneak attack damage, then your Nigtblade should focus on two skill paths: Shadow and Siphoning. The reasons for following the shadow skill path are obvious; as a master shadow assassin you should invest heavily in the siphoning skill path as well, because the abilities there will allow you to tirelessly engage in deadly shadow dancing routines. You should invest in equipment that will make you as light as possible. A set of medium armor, possibly with a pair of light boots, will be the perfect outfit for you to sneak around in. Because you are sticking to the shadows and only dealing a couple of blows at a time, you should choose a short sword instead of a dagger for more damage per hit.

Quick-Strike Death Dealer

If you prefer the all-out assault style of a quick-strike death dealer Nightblade build, then you will want to focus on the Assassination and Siphoning skill trees. The assassination skill tree offers abilities like haste, which allows you to explode with a flurry of blows for an extended period of time. The Siphoning skill tree will let you use vampire-like abilities to keep using assassination skills. Quick-strike death dealers should don a full set of medium armor for solid protection, set bonuses and stamina bonuses. In order to maximize his damage per second, he should wield two daggers or short swords.

Regardless of whether you prefer to be a master shadow assassin or a quick-strike death dealer, you should not completely ignore any Nightblade skill tree and 5 crafting professions offered in the Elder Scrolls. A master shadow assassin, for example, could benefit greatly from the mark target skill—allows you to ignore all of the target’s resistances—which is on the assassination skill tree.

There’s a lot more I can wrote on this class – luckily Killer Guides has done so already. Their ESO Nightblade Guide not only covers this much more in-depth, but it comes with an amazing leveling guide and build recommendations.

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