Ebonheart Pact

The below post was taken from the Elder Scrolls Online Guide from KillerGuides with approval. Several more detailed chapters for the nightblade are waiting for you to discover. It's by far the most detailed guide I have read when it comes to how to level up your nightblade.

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The Ebonheart Pact was forged out respect and is one of the most fragile Alliances out of the three. The three races share an age old grudge against one another as slavery and invasion reigned through their histories. The Pact is considered one of the most fragile Alliances shared between Nords, Dunmer and Argonian. The faction was lead by the High King of Skyrim but it was not an absolute ruling; governing decisions had to be discussed in the Great Moot.

Leading the Pact is Jorunn the Skald-King who possessed an iron will but in the same time, he contains humor and is inspiring amongst his subjects.


NordThe Nords are the leading race in the pact. Established themselves as great conquerors, they almost drove the Altmer out of High Rock and ruled a Morrowind. That was until the arrival of the Dunmer. They consider themselves as the strongest warriors in Tamriel due to their ferocity in battle, facing their enemies head on. They claim to be the ‘destined’ rulers of Tamriel because of their ability to turn the tide in war on a whim.

However, even if the Nords are excellent warriors they display uncanny arrogance which causes friction amongst the other faction members of the Pact.



Unlike the Nords, they are not skilled warriors but they are well versed in applying diplomacy and strategic abilities when necessary. The Dunmer possess a long history of defending against provincial invasions which transformed the race to be dwindling on paranoia. In the past, Dunmer lands were invaded by both Akaviri and Nords hence,  Dunmers have adapted to using great intellect as well as magic in battle.

Opposite from the Nords, Dunmers prefer to converse their way to settle differences rather than holding up weapons to fight. However, if a consensus is not achieved, Dunmers will engage in combat and display an array of magical arts. They are dubbed to be extremely skillful sorcerers in combat.

The Dunmer are also known as Dark Elves.


ArgonianSuffering countless years of brutal slavery under the Dunmer, the Argonians adapted to be a multitalented race, committed to using several types of weapons and magic. Although they not as skilled in the magical arts like the Dunmer, the Argonians rely on the use of blades. The ability to wield weapons while in sleath mode gives Argonians the edge in attacking their enemy. They employ a guerilla-style fighting style serving as scouts for the Pact.

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